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CBCT Program

The CBCT program… involved with radiation testing and installation and performance evaluations since 2003. Developed proprietary testing protocols to measure all relevant CBCT parameters: dose, DAP/KAP, half-value layers, beam characteristics, shutter performance, patient positioning, risk factor analysis.

Currently conduct compliance testing on all makes and models of cone beam equipment.

IBE houses an enormous database of all relevant CBCT radiation factors. We have, by far, the largest database of performance evaluations for CBCT in Canada.

QA criteria include: performance stabililty, accuracy, reproducibility, image quality, exposure time.

Testing procedures follow IEC guidelines and are based on world-leading research compiled by Sedentec in the UK.

Testing programs involve routine inspections for all safety-related parameters. In British Columbia we work with the College of Dentists, BCCDA, WorkSafe BC, Canadian Dental Association and Health Canada to ensure radiation protection for patients. Compliance follow-up and certification are part of their exisiting programs. Results are compiled in detailed reports that are official records of inspection, part of a dental practice’s official records.


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