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Dentists, Dental Hygienists or Certified Dental Assistants

Innovative Biomedical Engineering Ltd. is concerned entirely with radiation safety and your dental practice.

We have inspected and certified over 10,000 x-ray machines.

In the provinces of British Columbia and New Brunswick we are the sole-providers of radiation surveys for dental x-ray facilities under the British Columbia Dental Association and New Brunswick Dental Society.

Innovative Biomedical Engineering Ltd. is certified by British Columbia Radiation Protection Services (a branch of British Columbia Centre for Disease Control) to provide x-ray shielding assessments and design.


Test and certify dental x-ray equipment and facilities.

Inspect dental radiation facilities to determine compliance with standards, codes and regulations.

Provide practice assessments.


1 Provide assistance to those who wish to establish meaningful radiation inspection programs.

2 Provide assistance to purchasers of dental x-ray equipment, and its supporting imaging systems.

3 Provide users with guidance on the acquisition of new imaging technologies.


1 Design dental radiation facilities and shielding plans to ensure adequate radiation protection for staff, patients and the general public.

Important Information for Dental Radiation Workers

Compiled Q&As
CBCT Guidelines
CBCT Inspections – Things to Consider
DRAFT Policy on Excessive Dose
DRAFT Policy on PregnancyRadiation Protection in Dentistry – Safety Code 30
Environmental Health Directorate
Health Protection Branch – Health Canada

MUSTS Safety Code 30
This document is a summary of issues found in Health Canada Safety Code 30 regarding…

Health Canada Technology Comparison Chart
NDS National Dosimetry Services

Advisory on Personal Radiation Dosimetry Services
BC Center for Disease Control
A Guide to the Use of Lead for Radiation Shielding
Lead Industries Association, Inc.
292 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y 1001

Guideline for Determining the X-ray Shielding Requirements for a Dental Intra-Oral Film Radiography Facility
BC Center for Disease Control

Items Required by Shielding Designer

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