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Facility Inspection



IBE has inspected over 15,000 dental X-ray machines across Canada. Health Canada's Safety Code 30 Radiation Protection in Dentistry along with various jurisdictional guidelines provide the standards for measuring practice safety.

Read more about how to ensure your practice is radiation safety compliant...


Veterinary practices must adhere to Health Canada's Safety Code 28 Radiation Protection in Veterinary and various jurisdictional requirements. IBE has been conducting standardized compliance testing of veterinary practices since 2001.

Read more about how to ensure your practice is compliant...


Service Techs - Important Information

IBE values the opportunity that X-ray service technicians have to support excellence in the field of radiology. Review this checklist of key considerations for radiation protection during equipment installation and calibration...



Chiropractic offices with X-ray facilities must comply with Health Canada Safety Code 20A Radiation Protection of X-ray Equipment in Medical Diagnosis. Learn more about how to comply with these Federal safety standards...

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