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Specialized Radiation Protection


Facility Inspections

Approved radiation certification programs for dental, veterinary and chiropractic facilities.


CBCT Surveys

A pioneer of CBCT radiation measurement and evaluation standards worldwide.


Shielding Design

Professionally engineered shielding designs for new facilities and dental CBCT rooms.

General Overview

IBE specializes in measuring dose and assessing the safety of radiation-emitting-devices from both a patient and equipment operator perspective. In addition to adhering to Federal and jurisdictional guidelines, our goal is to support the ALARA Principle (As Low As Reasonably Acceptable) while not compromising image quality for either traditional film imaging techniques or digital systems. 

Technology is constantly evolving. New image-capture hardware (ie: innovations in cone beam 3D X-ray for dental imaging) and software for processing images at lower dose levels evolves steadily. This requires constant modifications in testing equipment and methodology. Innovative Biomedical has invested heavily in state-of-the-art radiation testing equipment along with developing proprietary industry-leading computerized testing protocols that are currently marketed throughout Canada.

How Services are Provided

We typically contract services to organizations whose members must be tested for compliance with Federal/jurisdictional safety standards on a routine basis. While compliance is an important aspect of our work, our customers benefit from comprehensive data and diagnostics that are produced by our testing process. We work hard to educate our customers on radiation safety. 

Since education is an important aspect of radiation protection, we conduct training classes for industry professionals and service technicians. Proper practice layout and operator knowledge is a major contributor to both patient and operator safety. Our courses focus on the key information required to optimize radiographic technology for superior diagnostic imaging while respecting the ALARA Principle and safety measures.

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